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The Conscious Call Stone Soup University-entrepreneurship Education-personal income Acceleration

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The Conscious Call


Founded: 2015

Owner: Maceo Z. Keeling

Areas of expertise: 
Public Speaking



Sponsonrs and Partners

Gold Sponsors $2500+

Asheville Business Acellerators

THE PEOPLE'S BROKER - Sandra Kilgore, Broker Keller Williams

White Mountain Labradors - Deborah Mansfield

silver Sponsor $1000+

Citizen of Culture 

Paisley Sockwear

Bronze Sponsor $500+

Individual Contributors  $1000+

Deborah Chan-Friday

Gregory M. Sawyer

We have come together as a team of speakers to raise the awareness of our personal responsibility as a nation within a nation. We aim to resurrect excellence within our community and create liaisons between our elder generation and our youth to fortify our future.


Our strategy to communicate our goal is to utilize radio, print media, local churches and community leaders to drive our message to the people who need to hear it most.

As we identify leaders within our community it is our hope to leverage their insights, energy and drive to create a contagious ripple affect throughout the community we serve. we also hope to ensure our success in these endeavors by identifying sponsors and like minded partners to participate as mentors, donors. supporters.