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Our greatest asset is our elder generations.  Through their legacy we can rediscover the pride we once held within the family. We will create a renewed since of identity and self esteem. As we reinvest in our family , both young and old we can connect to a legacy and use it as a spring board into a bright  future.  We can  leverage our talents to redefine the perception of who we are as we begin to value each other again.  We must restore the connection to our past before we can begin to establish a direction and a vision for our future.

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Maceo Z. Keeling 

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"This is tough love but it's real love... Great seminar!

Our vision, our hope, our destiny is to walk into the future and new people. It is only through our faith and our perseverance that we will arrive at our true destiny.  No race or ethnicity has an advantage in intellect. There is no supreme race, only supreme effort. We can resurrect excellence in our community and among our children.We do not have to be great in order to begin, but we must begin in order to achieve greatness!  Each day we prepare ourselves for greatness or for failure.  we must teach our children to make each day a masterpiece.

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  • Moderator
  • Interviewer
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Resurrection of Excellence
  • Male Parenting in the Black Community
  • Entrepreneurship in African America
  • Faith and Success

WRES 100.7 FM Talk

Welcome to WRES 100.7fm where respect is in the music!  Thank you elder John Hayes for your vision and support.  Click hear to listen to live programing from and the Conscious Call radio program. 

Peace be unto you.

It’s important that are clear about what we do as nation within  a nation.. Consciousness requires us to be alert, intentional, and awake!  Dr. King had a dream now we must have vision...

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